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Staying On The Down-Low…

Staying On The Down-Low

Today’s news is an interesting bag of stuff, but the one thing that stood out? The fear and hatred directed at so-called “assault weapons”. Setting aside the gross mis-definition of what an assault rifle is (this is the real definition… notice the full-auto part?) There was a bill introduced today by Big Sister to clamp down on semi-auto scary-looking rifles, handguns, and (get this) fingerprint the owners.





All this news brings up something that should be very important to you: The importance of laying low. Most prepping folks call it OPSEC, but as you know (from the book) we split this into OPerational SECurity, and COMmunication security. I’d like to spend some time splitting these out a bit, and show you the importance of laying low.

Communication Security

Let’s start here. As Internet users (if you’re reading this, you are one), the first thing to keep in mind is to keep your mouth shut as to what you feel, what you are doing, and etc. This means not going onto an Internet forum and screaming “Molon Labe!!” at the top of your virtual lungs.

Why? This is a two-part answer…

One, you are not these guys, and passion aside, making ‘big talk’ online instead makes you look like this guy. Don’t be that guy.

Two, bragging on your gun collection (real or imagined) and mouthing your intent to wipe out everything in uniform that tries to take your guns will garner the wrong kind of attention. Unless you’re posting your verbiage through some Chinese proxy and using TOR to get to that, your IP address is drop-easy to get (by means fair or foul), then geolocate that IP address to your neighborhood. Next thing you know, you wake up to armored-up federal agents at the foot of your bed, guns drawn, shouting at you to get down on the floor “RIGHT NOW!“.

As things start barreling southwards, expect communications security to become increasingly important to you and yours. The less you stand out, the better your chances of avoiding any negative contact with government between now and when they finally die off.

Mind you, this goes beyond guns. Excess food stores, other weapons, things like that? Bragging too much, online or (worse) locally, can get you the wrong kind of attention from not only governments, but local criminals, potential refugees – wait,what? Potential refugees? Of course! If you go about bragging about how awesome your neck of the woods happens to be, and are dumb enough to narrow it down further than a general region? Guess where all the casual readers in your region are going to plan their bug-out route? For instance, I live outside of the Portland OR metro area. I refuse to say exactly where. I even took a few distracting photos from way outside my neighborhood and put them up. If I said that I live in, say, Astoria or near The Dalles, then the masses in PDX who stumbled across my online or printed writings would start thinking “hey, if things get bad I’ll just go out that way! The prepper dude said he lives there, so it’s safe, right?” (hint: Those potential refugees in PDX are welcome to go in those directions. Are they safe? Hell if I know…)

Finally, this goes for family too. Unless you’re prepared to care for them too, don’t tell ‘em what you’re up to. A surefire way to discourage any of the nosier ones if the subject comes up? Earnestly ask to move in with them if things begin to collapse.


Operational Security

This is the other half of the coin. This not only means keeping your goods concealed, but presenting yourself as the model citizen to anyone who doesn’t already know you – especially to authorities.

As things start grinding to a halt civilization-wise, this means not making any noises, and especially not showing a public image of resistance or rebellion. Avoid protests and the like. Mind you, this does not mean simply knuckling-under or snitching on your neighbors or any such crap. It does however mean that you keep any activities on the down-low. Bury your weapons in a secure container under or near metal objects. Maybe keep one crappy old gun or two in the house (gives them something to take), but keep your real weapons hidden well until the time comes when you will need them to defend home and family, after the government stops holding back the mobs, and the masses start getting desperate.

Meanwhile, keep up appearances. Chat about whatever latest shows on TV happen to be. Argue online about non-political hobbies and games. Give benign support and votes for the politicos who are not too extremist, but you still actually want to support. Play it by ear, and make sure that only your most trusted friends know anything different.

Meanwhile, keep your mind and thoughts clear. A good study would be on how the KGB kept control, and compare notes against the current government. A more serious study (and gateway) can be found here. (and here, and here…)

Long story short? In the eyes of the government, you want to be just another anonymous Schmoe.


When To Stop The ‘Clark Kent’ Act

You will know when to stop being so secretive, though it will be hard to describe, because that all depends on how it all comes down. A fascist government will make it necessary to keep quiet until that government loses all control. A relatively benign government that has weakened sufficiently means you can get your neighbors together a lot sooner.

By all means though, do not get them together until two conditions are clear:

1) there is no longer a governmental force (police, military, etc) that can interfere or protect you

2) there is no longer a chance that any governmental informants among your neighbors will have any power or need to inform on anybody.

It’s Just Like Good Burlesque, Kids!

…in that you don’t show all the goods.

Even after civilization has pretty much gone down the crapper and your neighbors are banding together, never, ever, ever show off, brag, or even let everyone know just how much stuff you have stashed away. The last thing you need is envy, jealousy, or something for a desperate neighbor to focus on instead of doing for him/herself.  Always keep that in mind.


As tempting as it is to talk big, or brag on the goods, you should always bust your arse to do the opposite: Always strive to be a friendly nobody. Always appear to be harmless to any governmental entity. The less of a threat you appear to be, the less hassle they’ll give you. Even if you have to pretend, always appear to be following the laws, no matter how draconian, unconstitutional, or wrong they may be.

If you can do that, then you have less work to do once the government crashes under its own weight.





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